Friday, October 8, 2010

A Look Into Max's Mind

This week at church they had the kids to an art project called "It's all bout___" (insert your kids name) All the kids got to paint and write information about themselves, what their favorite bible story is or what they know about God. I just had to post Max's because it was so funny! The teachers couldn't wait to show me what he wrote when I picked him up. If you can't read his answers you can click on the image to make it bigger. Some of the highlights are:

Gods wonders are?: "making trees and food"
The bible says?: "Chrust in the Lord"
And the best...What's your favorite bible story?: "The curse of fickshun" (for the crucifixion) : )


The Family Unit

The Family Unit
My husband, Scott, and I have been together for 24 incredibly wonderful years! We have two children; our oldest son Max (A.K.A. Boog, Boogie or his full name Maximus when he's in trouble) and our youngest son Titus (A.K.A. Ti, T, Bird, T-Bird, Birdie or some other variation of the sort). Life with these three is absolutely amazing, terribly funny, franticaly busy, positively crazy and without question, never boring! I'm truly a blessed woman!

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