Thursday, September 16, 2010

Grandparents Day

Last week on Friday (yes, the same day as the casting debacle) was Grandparents day for Titus at school! Only some of his grandparents (Gammy, Jammy & Pappa) were able to make it but we definitely missed all of you who couldn't be there! : )  Titus was so cute...that morning when he was getting dressed he said that he had to put on his "handsome clothes" for his grandparents because he needed to look nice for them! He's so sweet! : )

First, all of the first-graders did a little show for all the grandparents in the gym...
Titus was so cute singing and doing all his little moves with his cast on! : ) Then, we all went back to Titus' classroom where we got to help him do little crafts and talk about what school used to be like when the grandparents were in school. Here's the grandma's helping Titus do a craft project of a picture of himself...
He is as cute a bug! He had also done this drawing of what he thinks he looks like now and what he thinks he'll look like when he's a grandpa....
I love that he has grey hair, a cane and a Pappa! LOL! That kid cracks me up! It was a really fun day and so great to spend time with Titus in his little world!


MKHKKH September 16, 2010 at 8:09 PM  

He is such a sweet boy. Loved his drawing. Guess he got Daddy's genes there. Cute!

The Family Unit

The Family Unit
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