Friday, August 13, 2010

Bored Experiment

Max was bored the other day and thought it would be fun do a little experiment outside with balloons. I kept hearing weird sounds outside but had no idea what it was. I finally went out and found him with the hose hooked to large balloons and he was calculating how long it would take for them to explode. It was actually really cute....he had a little note pad with with for documentation. The balloons got surprisingly huge! And if you look close at what he wrote, it's hilarious!...
This is "ASOM!" (a.k.a. "Awesome") Love it!

As a side you think my kid needs a haircut???? I think so! : )


The Family Unit

The Family Unit
My husband, Scott, and I have been together for 24 incredibly wonderful years! We have two children; our oldest son Max (A.K.A. Boog, Boogie or his full name Maximus when he's in trouble) and our youngest son Titus (A.K.A. Ti, T, Bird, T-Bird, Birdie or some other variation of the sort). Life with these three is absolutely amazing, terribly funny, franticaly busy, positively crazy and without question, never boring! I'm truly a blessed woman!

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