Saturday, August 28, 2010

Another Trip To The ER!

Last night we had the fine pleasure of spending the evening at the Good Samaritan Hospital's ER! Titus broke his arm skateboarding at the park. He wasn't doing any freaky tricks or anything, just normal skating when he fell and landed on his arm. When he went down he actually heard his bone crack! He started crying (of course) and holding his arm as he started walking towards Scott, who was sitting a short distance from him. As soon as Scott saw him he knew Titus had broken his arm. It was straight to a point and then it leaned off to the side. 

Luckily, a nurse was at the park and he sat with Titus so Scott could run and get Max, who was on the other side of the park. The nurse was awesome! He asked Scott to get some magazines and duct tape and he got all "MacGyver" and pulled off a make-shift splint for the ride to the hospital.

I actually wasn't home at the time. But I checked my phone later and saw that I had some missed calls from Scott, which totally freaked me out because I knew he would only be calling me if something was wrong. I was all the way out in Aurora so I had to speed like the wind to high-tail it up to Good Sam in Broomfield. When I got there they had Titus sedated and were resetting his bones. He managed to break both bones in his left forearm! We also confirmed his allergy to morphine...good times my friends! He only came down with a mild rash that went away over time, but that's good to know for future reference. 

Titus was quite the trooper! When we managed to wake him up so we could go home I asked (in my most sympathetic "Oh Honey" kinda mom voice) "Are you OK baby?" and like a tough little man he said all authoritatively "I'm OK Mom!" (like, calm down already....I'm fine!)

He is one tough little dude! Here's some pics of the event:

Waiting for sedation...

After they set it. He's in a soft cast. They'll recheck it next Friday and then put a hard cast on.

Ready to go home.

This is our second actual trip to Good Sam's ER for Titus. I really hope we never have to make one again! Oh...and as we sat him up to leave we noticed a big glob of duct tape still stuck to his back! The doctor looked at us like "What the?" When we told him why it was there his response was, "It really does work for everything doesn't it?" LOL!

Last night Titus began schmoozing his way into a toy for all the pain he was in. Of course we agreed! So today we made a trip to Target to get this coveted Boba Fett Slave ship....what can I say, the kid deserved it!
Max was quite the awesome and caring big brother during the whole thing so he got rewarded too. They are both happy little campers today!


The Family Unit

The Family Unit
My husband, Scott, and I have been together for 24 incredibly wonderful years! We have two children; our oldest son Max (A.K.A. Boog, Boogie or his full name Maximus when he's in trouble) and our youngest son Titus (A.K.A. Ti, T, Bird, T-Bird, Birdie or some other variation of the sort). Life with these three is absolutely amazing, terribly funny, franticaly busy, positively crazy and without question, never boring! I'm truly a blessed woman!

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